UV Bucket Cure

TRIAB has designed a special UV system to cure the residual UV lacquer in the bucket in a safe and easy way. After the UV lacquer is cured the buckets can be handled as metal scrap.

The system is equipped with a medium pressure discharge lamp with a power of 50 W/cm, which results in a fast curing of the residual UV lacquer. However, the final curing time is also depending on the amount of residual in the empty bucket. Empty the bucket properly!

A curing time of 10 minutes will cure the paint with a margin.

For clear UV lacquer the system is supplied with a mercury lamp and for pigmented UV paint the lamp is of a gallium type. If both clear and pigmented UV paint are used in the same system, the gallium lamp should be used.

The system is equipped with a supply air fan with filter for cooling the UV lamp with room air and this air should then be transported to an existing ventilation system or be connected to outside.

Technical specifications

Installed UV power 1500 W, 230 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz, electrical connection 10 Amp.

The curing time is controlled on/off with a timer.

The door is protected with a resetable safety switch.

The bucket rotates during the cure sequence.

Maximum standard bucket size is 20 - 25 l.
External dimensions Height x Width x Depth, 1250 x 500 x 600 mm.

Internal dimensions Height x Width x Depth, 450 x 410 x 510 mm.

The exhaust air connection diameter is 80 mm (normally no exhaust fan is required).

Weight 110 kg.