Complete Line Systems ...
Product shape, substrate and process combined with production conditions are some of the important parameters when selecting the right type of equipment.

TRIAB has gained a unique competence over the years in this business. We have the experience and the production understanding to supply the complete line as a “turn-key” project.

Many of our supplied systems have been “the first of its kind” making production of complex parts easy or slow processes turning faster. This has helped our customers to cut down their production costs and improved the quality on their products and reduced the influence on the environment at the same time.

All processes are verified in our technical centre.

Also study the more detailed information at respective market field description.

Complete solutions from one source – using the right type of equipment

Projecting, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and education
Oven & Flash Off systems
Cooling systems with or without AC support
Conveyors vertical or horizontal
Spray booths
Robot applications and handlings
Sanding systems
Ventilation systems with energy recovery
Control systems
Paint Lines for Wood etc
Paint Lines for Metal