IRM Booster Systems – speeding up old lines and ovens
Infrared emitters transmit large quantities of energy in a short time with high efficiency. Heating and drying of paint on various substrates can be made very fast.

TRIAB has developed a special IRM Booster concept to create higher capacity, quality and economy in existing paint lines where the oven system is the bottle neck.

The TRIAB IRM Booster is built inside the existing convection oven, which results in a faster heat up of the painted parts and a faster line speed with better control of the process without extending the length of the oven.

The new process with the IRM Booster will be verified in our technical centre using the actual paint system on your products.

TRIAB has increased the capacity and the product quality for many customers during the years for wet and powder paint applied on all types of products and substrates.

This method gives a quick return of the investment.

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