Infrared Catalytic Gas Systems – using the benefit of IR with gas supply
TRIAB IR Catalytic Gas Systems offer significant advantages with heat being provided exactly where it is needed, and with the optimum wavelength for the actual product and process.

The catalytic flameless combustion is a chemical reaction activated by means of a catalyst whose characteristics are not altered in time. The reaction occurs between the feeding gas (combustible), that flows inside the heater, and the oxygen of the surrounding atmosphere (combustive agent): the contact of these two elements, through the catalytic pad duly preheated, generates a gas oxidation with emission of thermal energy.

The IR Cassette is a separate heating module, which may be used for a wide range of heating applications.

Wherever heat is required in your production process the IR Cassette could be integrated to enable increased heating efficiency.

The IR Oven System could be built up of several IR Cassettes to match the product dimensions or designed as a separate unit depending on production conditions and processes.

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