IR Emitters & UV Lamps Technology – to find the correct match
There are important criteria to consider when choosing between infrared emitters and UV lamps.
Infrared spectra – matching the emitter spectrum with the application
Heat up and cool down time of emitters – based on production conditions
Radiant output – 20 to 200 kW/m² to be applied in a correct and safe way to meet the process
Reflector – the reflector on the emitter is made of gold and has a reflectivity of 95 %
The infrared source emits energy to the substrate/coating directly and through reflection, which results in:
Reflection of IR energy from the coating surface
Absorption of IR energy into the coating at various depths
Transmission of IR energy through the coating down to the substrate, and if the substrate is reflective the IR energy is reflected back into the coating
For efficient heating the emission characteristics of the IR emitter must be in harmony with and as close as possible to the absorption characteristics of the substrate/coating, which is to be heated.
The below diagrams are clickable för lager scale
UV light
UV spectra – matching the lamp spectrum with the application
Dose and Peak – optimized energy (Dose-Joule/cm²) intensity (Peak-W/cm²) for the application
Reflector – optmized for an even distribution of the UV radiation to the part
For efficient curing the emission characteristics of the UV lamp must be in harmony with the photo-initiators in the paint/coating to be cured.