IR Emitters & UV Lamps for every application…
Standard IR emitters and UV lamps as spare parts for your TRIAB equipment or as replacement and upgrading of equipment manufactured by others
Specially designed IR emitters and UV lamps
IR quarts glass emitters
NIR Halogen – near infrared with very high power
Short wave (IRS) – high speed and high power
Medium wave (IRM) – efficient and economical
Medium wave (IRM) fast response – high power and high stability
Carbon (IRC) twin – a new generation of IRM emitters
Carbon (IRC) high power emitter – highest output in the medium wave range
Infrared emitters transmit large quantities of energy in a short time with high efficiency. The wavelength of the infrared radiation is crucial for the optimum process. The type of IR emitter and wavelength should match the materials to be heated. The TRIAB IR oven systems offer significant advantages with heat exactly where it is needed, and using correct wavelength results in high energy saving compared with optional methods.
TRIAB represents Heraeus Noblelight GmbH in Sweden and Norway. Heraeus Noblelight GmbH manufactures the complete technical light spectrum from ultra violet to infrared.
UV – medium pressure discharge lamps with linear wattage up to 250 W/cm
The power output and the wavelength are adapted to the material and the process.