Other Industries ...
TRIAB has a long experience of various applications and processes in the industry. TRIAB has designed a series of oven systems with flexible heat transfer and optimum production for any individual process.

All systems and processes are verified in the TRIAB technical centre to meet the customer’s specific requirements

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Examples of lines and oven systems for various applications and processes
Coating of PC boards, Potting systems for electronic components
Plastic, Foil & Rubber
Heating and bending of plastic sheets, Heating of plastic foam prior forming, Drying slip coat on rubber profiles, Gelling compound in lids and other products
Metal Heating
Heating of rotors and stators prior assembly, Internal heating of steel rollers with IRM
Glass & Ceramics
Powder and wet coating of glass sheets, bottles and roofing tiles
Drying screen print, Heating of PP sheets prior forming
Paper & Printing
Offset drying and screen print
Glue, Drying and Curing
Drying and curing water based glue or UV curable glue on various substrates e.g. components on PC boards, processes in the furniture industry
Chemical Dryers
Drying various chemical coatings/pre- treatment on steel parts and coils