The new expanding world of powder coating ...
The advantages with powder coating in general are

On the product

Chemical resistant
Glossy or textured surfaces
In the production
Recycling of powder
Powder easy and safe to handle
In our environment
No air pollution
Minimum waste
Less engergy consumption
Powder coating is one of the dominant methods of industrial painting. The production is environmental friendly but has been limited for substrates suitable for process temperatures at approx 140 ºC and above.

With UV powder the curing takes place with UV (ultra violet radiation) instead of heat and now can also heat sensitive products be powder coated like.
Chip board
Plaster board
TRIAB has been active in this field for many years and the process requires HIGH QUALITY EQUIPMENT suitable for uniform powder application, uniform heat transfer for melting the powder and very precise distribution of the UV light for the following powder curing on non (or low) conductive substrates.

TRIAB has supplied several powder (UV and ULB) lines for MDF during the last 10 years and the products manufactured in these lines are e.g. office furniture, table tops and kitchen doors. New powder formulations and fine tuned equipment make it possible for furniture manufacturers to take advantage of the benefits with powder coating and creating new types of products.

TRIAB has built up an expertise regarding the complete process – from the MDF board quality and the preparation of the MDF to the powder application, melting and curing of the powder.

TRIAB will provide you with the complete process and the equipment to fulfill this.

This method offers many advantages creating completely new surfaces on heat sensitive substrates and replacing wet paint systems.
Typical process on 25 mm thick MDF board.
Temp variation
Very high surface and edge properties
Meeting DIN 68861 and FIRA 6250
Better designed products compared with laminated parts since no edge bendings are required
Reduced cost at increased quality
Clickable graph
Typical temperature graph showing surface temperature and core temperature of a 25 mm thick MDF board running in the process.