Powder Paint System

TRIAB has designed and manufactured many oven systems and complete paint lines for a wide range of powder paint applications and processes. The equipment is designed and built with the highest quality by our experienced work-force and the processes are verified in our technical centre.

Examples of powder paint systems and processes

Chassis beams – for trucks heat up to 190 ºC in 3 minutes followed by 12 minutes cure time in the SPEEDOVEN®. In spite of steel thickness variations between 5-11 mm the temperature is uniform.

Lintels - with a total process time of 90 seconds for curing an epoxy powder in SPEEDOVEN®. The lintels are transported horizontal for full automation from cutting the steel to packaging of the ready lintels.

Gas bottles – heat up to 190 ºC in 6.5 minutes followed by 10 minutes cure time in the SPEEDOVEN® compared with 40 minutes in convection heat.

Blanks – post forming powder line, 2 minutes total process time for curing a polyester powder in the SPEEDOVEN®. This production method is used for domestic appliances, drums etc.

Drum bodies and lids – internal painting with FDA approved powder. High recovery of paint over spray and safe for the environment create an option to the solvent based paint systems.

Garage doors – made of steel, heat up to 200 ºC in 1 minute with a very uniform temperature in spite of steel thickness variations of 0.6-8 mm followed by 6 minutes cure time in the SPEEDOVEN®.

Steel profile – 6 profiles are transported side by side on a special horizontal conveyor system in a full automatic paint line from the punching to the packaging of the parts.

Compact manual powder system – designed for companies having relatively small parts and production series.

Laboratory ovens for powder and raw material manufactures. TRIAB has supplied ovens to many powder manufacturers worldwide.

Other products produced in systems supplied by TRIAB are picture frames, oil filter cans, hinges, bake pads, engine blocks, screws and washers, camera parts, domestic appliances, indoor roof panels, railway clips etc.

Also see examples of powder paint systems for other substrates.
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