Upgrading of existing equipment

When the production conditions change, a modification of the existing paint line can be an economical option instead of investment in a new line.

TRIAB has upgraded many oven systems and complete paint lines for a wide range of applications and processes for the wood and furniture industry. The equipment is designed and built with the highest quality by our experienced work-force and the processes are verified in our technical centre.

Examples of upgrading of systems and processes

Turning a standard convection oven into a SPEEDOVEN®
An existing standard oven could become a TRIAB SPEEDOVEN® with higher capacity, better quality and safer production. For one customer, who changed from solvent based paint to water based paint, it was possible to double the production and get higher quality.

Turning a standard convection oven into a Flash Light SPEEDOVEN®
The IRS Booster combines the advantages from the IRS and the convection technology to reduce the drying time for water borne paint systems. The system heats up the paint layer and evaporates the water very fast using halogen short wave infrared.

IRM Booster & Flash Off System
The IRM Booster is built inside the existing convection oven, which results in a faster heat up of the painted parts and a faster line speed with better control of the process. This is achieved without extending the length of the existing oven.

IRM pre-heat prior paint application
Heating the parts to approx 50 ºC prior the paint application results in a better paint flow and a faster evaporation of the water/solvent. This makes it possible to increase the line speed and get a better surface quality.