Wet Paint System

TRIAB has designed and manufactured many oven systems and complete paint lines for a wide range of wet paint applications and processes. The equipment is designed and built with the highest quality by our experienced work-force and the processes are verified in our technical centre.

Examples of wet paint systems and processes

Drum bodies and lids – internal lining and outside coating. Complete line systems for all applications within the metal packaging industry.

Rear axle for trucks – water based paint up to 200 microns wet is forced dried in 10 minutes in the SPEEDOVEN® and after cooling the parts could be handled without creating any damages on the surface.

Solid steel rods
– complete paint line for steel rods painted with a water based paint. The line is fully automatic with load and unload by robots.

Heat exchanger steel frames – water based paint on high mass parts are forced dry in the SPEEDOVEN®.

Lamination sheets – for stator core laminations using electrical insulation paint. The paint is cured at 275 ºC with only 30 seconds total time in the SPEEDOVEN®.

Metal doors – complete paint line for curing of water based paint on metal doors. The line creates a total flexibiliy regarding colour and product dimensions.

Venetian blinds – coil to coil paint line with up to 8 aluminum blinds side by side at a speed of 100 m/min using an IRM oven system.

Steel blades – UV water based protection lacquer on steel blades using the UV SPEEDOVEN® for fast evaporation of water and curing in seconds.

Excavators – heavy duty parts are forced dry in the TRIAB IRM gas system including the assembled hydraulic cylinders and the SPEEDOVEN®.

Laboratory ovens – for paint manufacturers etc. TRIAB has supplied ovens to many of the major paint manufacturers worldwide.

Other products produced in systems supplied by TRIAB are railway carriers, lighting equipment, fork lifts, capacitors, electrical cabinets, domestic appliances, steel roof panels, electrical motors, tennis rackets, skies, saw blades etc.

Also see examples of wet paint systems designed for other substrates.
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