Window frames, doors, chairs and 3D parts

TRIAB has designed and manufactured many oven systems and complete paint lines for a wide range of applications and processes for the furniture and the building industry. The equipment is designed and built with the highest quality by our experienced work-force and the processes are verified in our technical centre.

Examples of systems and processes

Window frames – Paint line for painting the window frame components before assembling the window frames. The parts are loaded on an infeed table and then automatically transported into the line, where 3 sides are painted with a water based paint, followed by a transfer conveyor into the SPEEDOVEN®. After drying and cooling, the parts are automatically turned 180º for painting and drying on the other side. Only 2 operators run the complete line having a capacity of 60 windows per hour (average size). The line uses approx 20 x 20 meters of the floor space.

Chairs – Paint line with an automatic paint application with a robot using UV water based paint/clear lacquer. The fully assembled chairs are transported on a conveyor with a support through a flash-off tunnel followed by UV curing. The distribution of the UV light is adapted to the 3D part to ensure full cure at all parts of the chair. The line capacity is approx 1 chair every 1.5 minutes. The line uses approx 20 x 5 meters of the floor space.

Wood doors – Paint line for inside and outside doors painted with water based paint respective polyurethane paint on both sides of the door using a robot. Paint curing in the SPEEDOVEN® followed by cooling. The capacity is 1 door every 1.5 minutes.

– Paint line curing water based UV paint (clear and pigmented) on wooden components for stairs. The line speed is up to 4 m/min. Paint application is in a spray booth with belt cleaning and paint recovery. Evaporation of the water in the paint is made fast in a SPEEDOVEN® followed by a UV cooler curing the parts at a low substrate temperature.

All the systems are adapted to each individual customer product range and production conditions, using the unique range of TRIAB equipment creating the most optimum paint lines, producing high quality products, saving process times, energy and environment.

Complete Paint Line Solutions from one source
TRIAB takes the overall projecting responsibility for the complete paint line and selects the best and most suitable equipment for each part of the process, compared with the customer’s specific demands.

For robots, sandings systems etc, which are not parts of our manufacturing range we co-operate with leading companies.